1. Bridge crossing over waterway, or vehicular / pedestrian underpass.
  2. Railway crossing over waterway, or vehicular / pedestrian underpass.
  3. Drainage / irrigation channels.
  4. Conduit for utility services (e.g. electrical  cables/ oil & gas pipelines)
  5. Space creation over existing open drain as parking lots / open area.


  1. Excellent replacement for multiple cell culverts. Absence of an intermediate wall ensures an unimpeded water flow as well as debris free inlet.
  2. Functionally shaped section to eliminate headroom problems.
  3. Use of high grade concrete and observance of quality control during production contribute to a highly durable structure.
  4. Minimal installation cost – single crane operation involving small installation crew.
  5. Minimum site equipment and accessories for installation.
  6. Reduction in construction period with speedy installation
  7. Stable structure for transport and handling.


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