Hume RC Piles are used in foundations to increase the bearing capacity and to reduce settlements at sites with weak compressible soil, which otherwise cannot be used for construction.

Hume RC Piles are suitable for supporting:

  • ● Building structures ranging from low-rise to medium-rise and high-rise.
  • ● Infrastructures to be constructed under a wide range of soil conditions.


Quality Assured Production

Hume RC Piles are manufactured under controlled conditions to ensure product quality and reliability. Hume RC Piles carry the SIRIM Certification under Quality System MS ISO 9001:2008.

Wide Selection Of Pile Sizes and Classes

Hume RC Piles are manufactured in sizes ranging from 150mm x 150mm to 400mm x 400mm. To suit different soil and design conditions, Hume RC Piles are available in two classes for each and every pile size, i.e. Standard and Customised.

High Load Bearing Capacities

With the use of high strength concrete in Grade 45 or Grade 60, Hume RC Piles are engineered to withstand higher loads during driving and in service. This facilitates the economical design of foundations to suit varying soil conditions.




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