1. Standard length of L-shape Unit is 1000mm.
  2. Available with separate optional Dry Weather Flow section. Design and manufacture in accordance with BS 8110 : 1995.
  3. Non-standard sizes with different loading conditions can be specially designed by Hume Engineers.


  1. L-Shape may be used as retaining wall, temporary or permanent storage walls or open drain.


Precast L-Shape Units have the following advantages over cast in-situ structures:

  1. Easily assembled or dismantled for service elsewhere
  2. Reliable factory cast concrete
  3. Temporary storage where permanent storage not required or impractical
  4. Increase storage capacity
  5. Maintenance eliminated
  6. Can be off loaded from transport and erected in one operation
  7. Assembly or dismantling can be attended to by unskilled labour



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