1. Available in 3 different profiles: M-Beams, Inverted T-Beams and I-Beams.
  2. Length: customized up to 30m, subject to transport limitation
  3. Designed to BS 5400: Part 4: Code of practice for design of Concrete Bridges: 1984.
  4. Produced using high strength concrete with characteristic strengths of between 45 N/mm2 to 50 N/mm2
  5. Used for the construction of highway bridges designed to MOT load requirements.


  1. No scaffolding/ props/ falsework required over rivers or roads.
  2. Reduce construction site activities.
  3. Minimise wet concrete works at site.
  4. Ease of construction.
  5. Minimum interruption to traffic flow.
  6. Cut construction time-beam production in Hume factories proceeds simultaneously with construction work at site.
  7. Obtain high quality factory cast beams with minimal supervision
  8. No time wasted waiting for beams to gain strength.
  9. Working platform immediately available upon launching of beams.
  10. Future extension of deck easily implemented by addition of prestressed beams.


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