Event/ Activity Summary



In the heart of Beranang, a small but tightly-knit community faced the daily struggles of making ends meet. The harsh reality of life had taken its toll on these families, but hope was about to arrive in the most unexpected way. The heroes of this story? A group of dedicated volunteers from Hume Concrete Beranang and the kind-hearted souls at Hume Concrete Sdn Bhd.


Over three consecutive days, on the 16th, 17th, and 18th of August, the team gathered at the Beranang Plant. A team of eight dedicated volunteers, including three foreign workers, collectively committed five hours of their time over the three days. They knew that their efforts would translate into tangible assistance for those who needed it most.


A total of 51 families were identified as beneficiaries of this initiative. These families had been struggling to make ends meet, their circumstances pressing down upon them. However, the volunteers were determined to lighten their load. HCCT Beranang team acquired essential household groceries that would help these families in their times of need. HCCT Beranang team and the entire community came together, demonstrating the power of collective action in creating a positive impact.


The Beranang Plant of Hume Concrete Sdn Bhd served as the ideal venue for this heart-warming initiative. The location not only symbolised the unity of the community but also the unwavering support of the business in their mission to give back. The act of support is indeed a testament to the strength of community spirit. It was about coming together in times of adversity, showing compassion, and reaching out a helping hand to those in need.

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